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Optimal interior climate

Climate protection

Our doors do not captivate only by their durability, but especially by their balanced relationship between economy and ecology. Consequently in an entry door are accumulated 57 kg carbon dioxide - a good investment in a clean environment and regenerative energies. Acoustic, fire and burglary protection are only guaranteed if your entry door defies every climate. Because only in an intact outer skin the personal qualities come into one's own. This is the reason why we set a high value on a tested climate protection. We tets our products in complex procedures for temperature resistance and durability at different degrees of humidity. Only if an entry door has resisted to three climate tests as well as to a 24-hour infrared irradiation at 80° C, it merits our seal of approval.

You live seasonably through ecologically sophisticated door constructions.

Thermal insulation

An entry door cannot only store the comforting warmth in your four walls, it can also help you to save energy. Therefore the thermal insulation in our doors is on the latest technology level, tested and integrated in the whole product concept. Our doors meet all important climate protection and thermal insulation DIN standards, such as DIN 4108 and DIN EN 10077.

You save energy through newest thermal insulation

Sound protection

Our doors keep the noise at arm's length. Choose the entry or front door which gives you recreative tranquillity after a due diligence of your living environment. Our doors are sound tested according to VDI directives 3728 respectively DIN 4109 and fitted with fillings that guarantee an optimal sound and thermal insulation and burglar protection all at once. The doors are worked up in a so innovative way that they can strongly reduce exterior noise and enhance the quality of life. 

Passive house doors

The best values of our doors regarding climate protection and thermal insulation make them ideal for the use of the passive and low-energy house construction. As passive houses are considered buildings in which a comfortable interior climate can be reached without a heating or climatisation system. Our certified values go considerably below the required directives and standards regarding the energy saving. So they are still more efficent than the directives require. This confirms the certification issued by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt.
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