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Worlds of style
linea rustica
linea classica
linea disegno
linea charisma
linea speziale
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Worlds of style

Living begins at the entry door. Here you can find not only worlds of living, but also worlds of style. The times when the entry door was only functional are over. Today it is the business card of the house onwer.

It stands for the friendly reception of guests, but also for safety and privacy. Just like the facade the entry door tells its personal story about the furniture style and taste.

In the ideal case it fits in smoothly and gives an advice on what is hidden behind the door. Thus we offer you design lines with the aid of which you can find the suitable entry door for your personal style. The spectrum of the possibilities reaches from rustical through modern to special production.

Linea rustica

Massive, true to its roots and value-aware– doors in country house style provide comfort and warmth.


Linea classica

Shapely, firm, ageless - discreet, distinct forms mould the chary elegance of this classic entry doors.   


Linea disegno 

Whether exciting dainty or chastly elegant - you allow free play to your creativity and give your entrance portal a personal touch. 


Linea charisma

Dynamic, noble and creative - reduced to clear forms, these entry doors set a spectacular course through an exceptional material mix.  


Linea speziale

Remarkable inviting - with a pregnant charme and a whiff of a great history the entrance area of your house becomes the entrance to your empire. 


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